Madhuri Guntupalli – Wielding Color


When did you start dabbling in art or was it something that you were born with?

I couldn’t possibly say if I was born with it although I would like to believe that. I was around 10 years old when I took it up as a hobby but it wasn’t long before it became more than just a hobby – it became my passion.

What do you think your artwork represents about you?

Versatility, most importantly. Most of my works are based on my experiences and other aspects of my life. But, I do not limit myself to just that. I like to think that as an artist I cannot categorize myself and would like to expand my boundaries.

What do you think about using colors as opposed to black and grey?

Black and Gray are the classics, as portrayed by Picasso’s most famous picture – Guernica. But, I think using colors pushes one to do the best of their abilities. That is why I use colors in most of my works.

Which artist has inspired you the most and what have you learned from him/her?

Kristina Webb! Although very young, she has become an inspiration. I absolutely love her work as she is all about finding the silver linings of every situation and the way she uses vibrant colors in her art work is amazing. My artwork also represents the use of color in this manner.

Do you think art should be taken more seriously in schools?

Yes, especially in India. Our country has many talented artists, one of such artists is the late M.F Husain. Although he is revered for his works, it is only because of his innate talent and nothing else. If the current generation is provided with the extra facilities for art in schools and colleges, then it would provide a tremendous boost to the art sector of our country.

Paint us a descriptive picture in what you think will be doing in 10 years from now.

I imagine myself as a graphic illustrator. I would love to become a freelance artist, collaborating with artists all over the world. But it doesn’t really matter what I become. I am up for any job, service or anything that revolves around the world of art.


Check out Madhuri’s other paintings here – https://www.facebook.com/madhuriguntupalli777